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I've been a soccer fanatic since I was very young and I loved to play the guessing game with my brothers and friends, we used to follow soccer games non-stop, always trying to anticipate who is going to win the next match. As I grew older I learned about the fun of betting on soccer matches but what I also learned was that anyone can place a bet but not everyone can win.

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Today’s Paid Soccer Tips on 16 October 2018

Paid Football Betting Tips & Soccer Predictions for Today 16 October 2018.
MATCH: 15:00 Kazakhstan 4-0 Andorra | TIP: Over 2.5 Goals | ODD: 2.40 | WIN!!!
MATCH: 19:45 France 2-1 Germany | TIP: Home Win | ODD: 2.0 | WIN!!!
MATCH: 19:45 Ireland 0-1 Wales | TIP: Over 2.5 Goals | ODD: 2.40 | LOST
MATCH: 19:45 Ukraine 1-0 Czech Republic | TIP: BTS – Yes | ODD: 2.30 | LOST
MATCH: 19:45 Gibraltar 2-1 Liechtenstein | TIP: Away Win | ODD: 2.40 | LOST

Today’s Paid Soccer Tips on 15 October 2018

Paid Football Betting Tips & Soccer Predictions for Today 15 October 2018.
MATCH: 19:45 Spain 2-3 England | TIP: BTS – Yes | ODD: 2.0 | WIN!!!
MATCH: 19:45 Estonia 3-3 Hungary | TIP: BTS – Yes | ODD: 2.50 | WIN!!!
MATCH: 19:45 Finland 2-0 Greece | TIP: Away Win | ODD: 3.60 | LOST
MATCH: 19:45 Belarus 0-0 Moldova | TIP: Over 2.5 Goals | ODD: 2.40 | LOST
MATCH: 19:45 Croatia 2-1 Jordan | TIP: BTS – Yes | ODD: 2.70 | WIN!!!